This restaurant is famous to Saigon's gastronomers for its giant pieces of ribs, even though it is just a common, popular place staying in a small street far away from the city center. Customers can easily locate it through a thick column of smoke and the enchanting smell of grilled meat.
Minus point is the restaurant is not very clean-looking, and the oven stands right in front so your clothes can easily be stained by smoke.


Variety of choices in the menu but its specialty is still the broken rice with grilled rib. Big and thick pieces of ribs are finely seasoned and grilled directly on hot coal, which give the pieces a moreish flavour and beautiful saffron color while still keep their tenderness and sweetness. Other side-dishes such as sunny-side up eggs, shredded pork skin... are mouth-watering too.


- The restaurant has no other branch.
- Staffs are not very fluent in English but still enthusiastically help foreign customers.

  • [EDIT] Ba Ghien- Broken rice

    84 Ward 10, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh City