Usually called the porcelain pieces pagoda with many pieces of broken potteries skillfully recycled into unique, beautiful and colorful artworks in many themes such as Maitreya, Guanyin, Buddhist swastika, lotuses... The pagoda was built entirely by monks and buddhists in more than 15.000 days (1961 - 2004), used 30 tons of porcelain pieces.
This pagoda is currently holding 2 Vietnamese records for the most porcelain embossed construction and the tallest pair of candles (3,38m).


Buddhist symbols look more gracious being made from porcelain pieces and also bring a rustic, friendly atmosphere. Humans' skillful hands and artistic philosophy have turned those pieces into a unique architectural structure with a message: "Scraps can become useful in the right hands". This pagodas is an attractive destination, both in religious and artistic terms.


- The pagoda looks more beautiful at night when moonlight reflects on the porcelain pieces.