Called Jamiah al Muslimin or Đông Du mosque, this is the largest and most famous mosque in Saigon, has an exquisite South Indian Muslim architecture with decorative stars and crescent moons. Large praying area with the main sanctuary and surrounding corridors can contain hundreds of people; there is a pond for male believers to clean themselves before praying. Men and women officiate in seperated areas.


Mohammedans usually gather for Friday ceremonies, especially Indian, Pakistan và Indonesia. This is also a location for collective activities, and a compulsory school for religious children to learn Quran and Muslim alphabets. Here, you can feel the calm and sacred atmosphere of a central mosque and the chance to learn more about Muslim cukture and architecture.


- Formal clothes are compulsory and shoes must be left outside.
- There are many halal (food prepared according to Muslim rule) restaurants around the mosque.

  • Thánh đường Jamia al Muslimin