Built in 1863, this is a harmonious combination of Western office architecture and traditional Eastern cultural philosophy with the image of the moon between 2 dragons of top of the roof. It's a historic site where Ho Chi Minh left Vietnam in 1911 for his journey around the world.
Today, it has become a museum about Ho Chi Minh with more than 11.372 exhibited documents and objects divided into 6 permanent themed rooms, 3 showrooms for current events.


Objects are scientifically and excitingly exhibited according to their topics. The topic of Ho Chi Minh and the people of South Vietnam is a special and touching feature with many pictures, hand-written letters and gifts... sent and received between them. This is a sacred place, not only for its historic and cultural values but also a location to learn more about the life and career of Ho Chi Minh.


- Open Tuesday to Sunday.
- Come here in the afternoon to admire the sunset, or later to take a look of Nha Rong harbor at night.